WeddinG Ceremony

We begin to play as your guests are arriving, providing music in the style of your choice to delight them as they wait for the ceremony to begin. We offer a free consultation to select those special songs to create the atmosphere you desire as you and your bridal party walk down the aisle. During the ceremony we offer songs of your choice to enhance candle lighting, seating of parents and grandparents, and music for other special moments. At the end of your ceremony we play a recessional for the bridal party and exit music for the guests. We create an enchanting atmosphere for your wedding from start to finish. It's a memory that will stay with everyone long after your honeymoon has ended. The wedding ceremony is approximately one hour of service. 


Harp and Flute:  $ 425   Harp Solo:  $275

Wedding ceremony and reception

After your ceremony we continue to provide elegant music for your guests as they enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the reception. Reception fees begin upon arrival at the reception location. Hours consist of fifty minutes of music with ten minute breaks. We provide recorded music during breaks to maintain a continuous feeling of celebration. If the reception is in another location the price will be adjusted for additional travel time and loading of equipment. 


Wedding Hour - Harp and Flute:  $425                               Harp Solo:  $275

First Reception Hour - Harp and Flute:  $250                     Harp Solo:  $165

Additional Reception Hour - Harp and Flute:  $175             Harp Solo:  $110